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Online therapy

Online therapy, so called telehealth, is therapy via live video chat, messaging app, email, or over the phone. This way you can get professional support wherever you are. So you don’t have to travel to my practice Therapie Amsterdam Noord.

Online therapy is just like therapy in my practice. The only difference is: instead of inviting you into my practice, I will call you or send a link to meet you online in a secured environment. Often you will quickly become familiar with this form of therapy. Sometimes it can work well to alternate online therapy with therapy in my practice. Together we can look at what works best for your situation and your needs. By now almost all treatment methods and techniques are very well suited for both treatment locations. That’s is the reason why online therapy can be as effective as therapy in a practice. Therefore you are welcome to contact me for online therapy with questions about

  • anxiety and/or panic (attacks)
  • depressed feelings
  • burn out
  • relationship problems
  • (sexual) abuse
  • compulsive behaviours
  • trauma treatment
  • low self-esteem
  • grief and loss
  • relationships, family situations, work or career and more.

If you would like to get more information or book an online appointment please fill out the contact form and you will hear from me as soon as possible.

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Yours sincerely, Kim Niekerk