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Intake or consultation lasts 1 1/2 hour: € 90. A longer or shorter consult (1 hour: € 60) can be agreed on. An intake or consultation are paid beforehand. The invoice follows afterwards by mail, and can be submitted to your (Dutch) health insurer.

Reimbursement health insurance: The Dutch system for medical billing can be different to that of other countries. Depending on your insurance, and what policy you have, there are many variables that can affect whether your insurance covers the full or only partial costs. If you have a Dutch health insurance: the amount of the reimbursement for psychosocial therapy & hypnotherapy varies per Dutch health insurer and per package. Consult your own insurance policy, or go to the Dutch health care guide for more information. If your (Dutch) health insurer asks for additional information, the below practice information/registration is of importance to provide.

Practice registration: qualification code 9037, performance code 24501, AGB practice number 90091100, AGB health care provider number 90113823

Cancellation policy: if you are unable to attend a consultation or an appointment, please app, mail or call two days prior to the consultation or appointment. If this is not possible, or if you do not show up, the consultation will be charged.