Therapie Amsterdam Noord

Welcome to Therapie Amsterdam Noord. Maybe this is the time to do something about what’s been bothering you for a long time, or about something you’d like to change. The reason why someone chooses to come over for support is diverse.

A reason to make an appointment is for instance trauma treatment * suffering from fear * phobias * panic attacks * panic disorders * depressed feelings * nervousness and tension * stress * irritability * nightmares * not functioning well in work situations * questions about your family situation, family constellation, work, career * gaining insights into (im)possibilities * inner conflicts * doubts * or just ‘not feeling well’.

After an intake, a treatment plan is proposed. Then, after consultation with the client, for a little while “I will walk along” and use the treatment methods and techniques that optimally support his/her process.

Several treatment methods and techniques are used in a therapy session, like EMDR * IFS * systemic therapy * dissociation/association * family- and business constellations * EFT * ACT * anger management * regression * Focusing * mindfulness * breathing techniques * relaxation and visualization exercises.

For more information and/or making an appointment fill out the contact form below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Therapie Amsterdam Noord * Meeuwenlaan 161 * 1021JB Amsterdam * +31 (0)6 103 850 35 * The Netherlands

Yours sincerely, Kim Niekerk

Kim Niekerk is a psychosocial- and hypnotherapist, psychologist i.t.. She teaches the classic eight-week MBSR mindfulness based stress reduction training and yoga classes. Her practice and studio is located on the ground floor at Meeuwenlaan 161 in Amsterdam North. In walking distance from the ferry to Amsterdam Central Station. If you can’t come over to the Meeuwenlaan an online consultation is also possible.